Alliance for a Better Community (ABC)

The Alliance for a Better Community (ABC) promotes equity for Latinos in education, health, economic development and civic engagement for the betterment of the Los Angeles region.

Alliance San Diego

Alliance San Diego is San Diego’s community empowerment organization that builds coalitions to achieve shared goals around shared visions. Our mission is to empower San Diego’s diverse people and organizations to engage more effectively in our communities and in the civic process. We are working to ensure equal access to a quality education for all. We believe that the public education funding crisis began with passing Prop 30, but it doesn’t end there. As parents, voters and community members, we must continue to be actively engaged in holding our elected officials accountable to funding our children’s schools equitably.

Californians for Justice

Californians for Justice is a statewide grassroots organization working for racial justice by building the power of communities that have been pushed to the margins of the political process. We organize youth, immigrants, low-income people and communities of color in order to improve their social, economic and political conditions.

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth is a member-led, multi-racial community organization working to create a city of hope, opportunity, and justice for all children and all families in San Francisco. We organize and support the leadership of parents and students to address inequalities and injustices in our public schools.

Community Coalition

Community Coalition believes people are the engines of social change. We are a leader in smart and effective community organizing. We involve thousands of everyday people in bold action campaigns to change public policy to improve health, education and public safety in South Los Angeles.


COPE’s mission is to train and develop the capacity of clergy, lay and community leaders to protect and revitalize the communities in which they live, work, and worship.

Families In Schools

Families In Schools (FIS), is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, whose mission is to involve parents and communities in their children’s education to achieve lifelong success.

Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center

Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center provides education, advocacy, and leadership within the Oakland community so that all our students have the opportunity to attend quality public schools. The GO Leadership Center supports a coalition of Oakland families, students, teachers, principals, community, and civic leaders united around a positive, student-oriented vision for public education in our city.

The Education Trust—West

The Education Trust—West works for the high academic achievement of all students at all levels, pre-k through college. We expose opportunity and achievement gaps that separate students of color and low-income students from other youth, and we identify and advocate for the strategies that will forever close those gaps.

National Center for Youth Law

The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) creates lasting change for children in need. We are a non-profit organization that uses the law to ensure that low-income children have the resources, support, and opportunity they need for a fair start in life. We work to ensure that public agencies created to protect and care for children do so effectively.

PICO California

PICO California is comprised of 19 congregation-based community organizations representing 480 congregations and 450,000 families throughout the state. Our mission is to develop leadership and build capacity for civic engagement in congregations and communities throughout California. We develop solutions to issues facing our families and engage congregations in building stronger communities. Through our member organizations in each community, PICO California unites people of diverse economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Together, we form the largest grassroots network in the state. In 2012, PICO California engaged in the state’s largest volunteer civic engagement effort to turn out new and occasional voters and pass Proposition 30. Statewide, we contacted more than 175,000 voters as a result of this effort. PICO California is a statewide organizing effort of the PICO National Network.

Reading and Beyond

Reading and Beyond is dedicated to improving the academic success of children. From birth through high school, our programs prepare young children for kindergarten, tutor school-age students to grade-level reading, teach parents to support them in school, and help families by encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.

Students for Education Reform (SFER)

Students for Education Reform (SFER) is a student-led movement to end educational injustice. SFER empowers students to take action stemming from their own educational experiences, acting with a relentless optimism for a better future in which educational equity exists for all children, regardless of race or background.

United Way – Los Angeles

United Way’s Creating Pathways Out of Poverty plan combats poverty at its roots- lack of education, homelessness and financial instability and focuses on long-term solutions. We do this by working side-by-side with public, private and non-profit sectors to tackle the root causes of poverty in a holistic and sustainable manner. We build on programs and strategies with a proven success rate affecting a greater number of our neighbors and communities. And we use advocacy and public policy to change the ineffective systems that sustain the cycle of poverty.